Bach Euphoria
Bach Euphoria is an album of contemporary arrangements of some of my favourite Bach melodies. It arose out of Lara St. John's debut album for Sony Classics, Re:Bach on which I did the original arrangements. After we'd selected the tracks for Lara's album, I realised that there were many more of Bach's melodies which lent themselves to this kind of treatment. Click on the picture of the album cover for details of the contents, and to listen to MP3s. I hope you like it. Brian Gascoigne
Below are 3 albums of music from wildlife documentaries, and one of a gospel version of the Messiah, which was never finished or issued, but I'm still rather fond of some of the singing. Clicking on the covers below will take you to pages where you can hear extracts.Clicking on the picture of me will take you to my CV and contact details.